Blackstar - Palliative Care in the future - Dr Mark Taubert -

Blackstar – Palliative Care in the future – Dr Mark Taubert

Blackstar - Palliative Care in the Future - Dr Mark Taubert

Dr Mark Taubert is a Clinical DirectorConsultant Physician & Honorary Senior Lecturer in Palliative Medicine. He currently works for Velindre NHS Trust, Cardiff University, and the Welsh End Of Life Care coalition Byw Nawr, where he is the clinical lead. He is also a Bevan Commission Fellow.

He teaches and is a faculty member for Harvard Medical School and in particular seeks to improve public understanding of care in the last years of life. He created the TalkCPR website & app to help inform Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation decisions & has also given a Ted Talk on language in palliative care.

Mark is an advisor to the Digital Legacy Association, his posthumous letter to David Bowie, written in 2016, covers the components of good end of life care, and has since been made into a classical music composition which was aired on BBC Radio 3, and was even read by Benedict Cumberbatch at Hay Festival.

Mark took part in a BBC Horizon Programme on Palliative Care alongside Kevin Fong, and has also done extensive media work with BBC Radio 4 and ITV.

In this talk “Blackstar – Palliative Care in the future" Dr Mark Taubert will outline the increasing importance of good palliative and end of life care, and what these areas may look like in future. He will outline the likely needs of patients and their loved-ones and the need for widespread conversations about our dying moments, and the weeks and months before that.

He will share stories about patients who have been at the vanguard of advance care planning decision making, for instance using Twitter to make their prior wishes clear.

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