Food Technology - Stopping people from falling through the cracks

Stopping people from falling through the cracks. Keeping elderly people at home for longer – Tarryn Gorre

'Stopping people from falling through the cracks. Keeping elderly people at home for longer' 
- Tarryn Gorre

Tarryn Gorre is the CEO and Co-Founder of Kafoodle, an award-winning food technology company providing innovative software solutions for the health and social care sector. Her belief is that when the right technology is introduced and embraced, it can streamline processes and simplify tasks, leading to increased efficiency and the improvement of health globally.

It is estimated that 3 million people in the UK suffer from malnutrition, and over 1 million of those are over 65" – BAPEN.

Tarryn’s seminar will address the issue of using new technology to help improve the health and care for the elderly;

“As we begin trying to keep the ageing population at home for longer we increase the risk of vulnerable people falling through the cracks. What part does technology play in ensuring a safe at-home environment for our elderly loved-ones, can it provide them with the access they need to basic necessities? This seminar will look at the well-being and financial benefits of keeping the elderly within their home as well as unpicking the different types of technology which can support this effectively."

Managing the dietary requirements of individuals within the care sector can be hard work. Care services need tools that simplify this process, allowing them to create suitable meal plans that cater for all the needs and requirements of their patients or residents; easily communicate those tailored plans across departments or to the individual and their family; and track their costs to stay within budget.

How can Kafoodle’s software benefit your patients and residents?

  • Receive personalised meals based on their individual needs and preferences
  • Provide their feedback and influence menu development
  • Feel more confident in their nutritional care

Learn more about how Kafoodle can help your business in the Health and Social Care sector.

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